Additional Option

The main screen come with unique point [...] indicate there is additional option to customize your .EXE archive. It consist of a popup menu categorized as Custom Launcher (stub) menu, Compression Method menu, Include Subfolder menu, Customize Package menu and About menu.

Customize Launcher (stub):

  • There were several sub-menu. The Add New allow you to choose which .EXE file to become launcher of the archive. It will be located within the archive's main directory (temporary location). This launcher can become your installer-like program where it can manipulate archive contents, modify windows registry, make additional changes to system and so on. 
  • The Set Parameters used to provide arguments to your launcher.
  • The Require Administrator menu will make your launcher request for administrative access on system running Windows Vista and above. This is important if your launcher require modification to certain settings such as Registry modification, Environment Variables changes or any other system-wide changes.

Compression Method:
There were 5 type of compression method as follow:

  • Store [No Compression]: A file or folder of an archive won't have any compression. They'll just combined onto a single file and merge with The Self-Extractor to become an .EXE archive.
  • Super Fast [Very Low Compression]:  A file or folder of an archive will have a very little compression. The Self-Extractor will ensure performance is the first priority over archive size.
  • Fast [Low Compression]:  A file or folder of an archive will have a low compression. Performance come first before archive size.
  • Normal [Normal Compression]:  A file or folder of an archive will have standard compression. Performance and archive size will be treat as equal.
  • Slow [High Compression]:  A file or folder of an archive will have high compression ration. The archive size is mandatory, ignoring some performance degradation during compress/extract job.

Include Subfolder:
This check-mark menu used to identify The Self-Extractor whether the target folder will be archived by including its sub-folder or not. If this menu ticked, all sub-folder within the target folder will be archived and vice-verse.

Customize Package:
This menu contain several sub-menu to make your self-extracting archive more professional.

  • The Change Title menu will prompt for text to be your package title (window caption).
  • The Change Text menu will also prompt for short text. This string will be placed beneath the title as simple instruction text or perhaps a simple note to that archive.
  • The Change Logo menu will prompt for .PNG image to add as logo. This logo (40x40 px) to be placed at left-hand side of note/instruction text.
  • The Set Password menu will prompt for password to your archive. Your archive will be protected with password to open.

The about menu contain two sub-menu. The Online Help will drive you here; while Donate menu will sent you to Paypal donate for this software (consider that, if you like ^_^) .